Issues At Hand

Eliminating school property taxes

    Residents of the 121st District who own homes can no longer bear the responsibility of educating students on their backs alone. Sue is a strong supporter of the Pennsylvania Taxpayer Cyber Coalition, a grassroots organization of ordinary citizens who have crafted a sensible alternative plan involving an increase in the state sales tax, a modest hike in the Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax and an expansion in taxes on some services. This would relieve the burden on senior citizens, who have paid for decades; allow young people to purchase homes without the onerous burden of the taxes and unleash an economic windfall for those in the home improvement industry. Homeowners would be able to improve their properties without fear of reassessment and those who have been avoiding basic repairs would have the money to make improvements.


     A vast majority of crime in our region has a direct correlation to substance abuse of some sort. The court system has made some great strides in working on diversionary programs for first time offenders. The incarceration system is costly and recidivism rates are still too high. Sue would have an ongoing and open dialogue with the professionals in the courtrooms and in corrections to seek their input on what’s working, and what’s not. 


    Luzerne County tallied 155 overdose deaths in 2017, up from 142 in 2016. These deaths have taken children, siblings, parents and even grandparents away from grieving families. It’s time to consult every possible individual who sees this carnage daily to develop a comprehensive solution. Families often suffer in silence due to the stigma of addiction. We need to openly discuss this issue with first responders, corrections officers, judges, medical professionals and those who have experience with addiction to gather input and find solutions.  

Pride of Place

    The history of the 121st District in the history of the country cannot be forgotten. Our area has produced influential military leaders, world renowned artists and retail giants. The coal from the region fueled the industrial revolution. We need to remember our past, and work proudly toward a better future. Sue will work with other officials and educators to promote these successes, while working to make our area more respected, creating optimism where pessimism is far too common. Residents need to feel safe in their neighborhoods and enforcement of existing ordinances to punish irresponsible landlords 

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